White Supremacists Vent Rage Over Obama’s Win

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Obama or Darwin?

Obama or Darwin?

To no one’s surprise, those in favor of white privilege are struggling for ways to vehemently express their outrage of Obama’s rise to President of the U.S. The Bill of Rights are in question, ethnic media is balancing the scales, and competition between white liberals vs. their militant counterparts are struggling for insight of America’s future.

A black man as President? Who would have thought this reality would happen so soon.

Tune in, we are witnessing a repeat of the greatest Black Reconstruction propaganda since the Post Civil War and Civil Rights period of America.

Read more on the hidden wars of the USA >


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Obama’s agenda in Africa, by Oby Ezekwesili

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Would it be reasonable for Obama to leave out the most valuable continent on the earth in his efforts to revitalize the global economy? I didn’t think so either. Neither does the leadership in Africa today. The whole world is waiting to see if the Messenger will back up the Message of the 21st century. “Yes We Can”.  African participation and investment in this profound statement is just as important as its meaning for Americans 9,000 miles away.

Obama’s agenda in Africa, by Oby Ezekwesili
(originally posted by nrguardiannews.com)

Vice President (Africa) World Bank Group, Mrs. Obiageli Ezekwesili spoke to MARTINS OLOJA in Washington D.C. on President-elect, Senator Barack Obama, the first African-American to be elected President of United States. Excerpts:

What is the significance of Obama’s victory to development efforts in Africa?

It is significant for Africa as a continent as well as for Africans as a people. For me, the key significance is that all things are possible just as President-elect Barack Obama said. So, if all things are possible, it means that Africa’s development within decades of this millennium is possible.

It just takes diligent commitment to working for it and Africa can move from a continent still wrestling with pernicious poverty to transforming itself to another pole for the world. Just like today. As President of the World Bank Robert B. Zoellik normally says, for Africa to be the next growth pole; that for me is phenomenal. I simply say we are eyewitnesses to history. This is an epic event. It speaks to the capacity of the human spirit to actually attain a vision and the vision for Africa once internalised by African themselves can be attained. It is pretty attainable as now all things are possible.

In terms of the expectation that one would have for the continent as regards the presidency of Senator Obama is that America would provide bold leadership for the kind of combination of development assistance, investment, trade and other technical and partnership support that Africa can take advantage of. The G-8 for instance, has a clear commitment that has been made toward doubling aid to Africa.

That commitment that has been made with a target date of 2010 can be attained. The Gleneagles commitment: America can just provide a purposeful leadership now and say no more delays. In spite of the financial crisis that the rest of the world is dealing with, it is important that we don’t lose sight of the fact that there is human crisis that manifests itself in over 40 per cent of the poor in the continent (Africa). The fact that we still have post-conflict fragile state, we still have many countries that are not on track in achieving MDGs in health, in education.

We still have serious maternal and child-care issues. We still have the need for the continent to meet its huge infrastructure deficit. The fact that there is an annual investment need of $18 billion is necessary to bridge the infrastructure gap. Africa needs to invest in human development in health and education, particularly invest in ensuring universalisation of access to basic education, invest in secondary education, in technical and vocational education and particularly invest in building the competitive skills that can be part of the global economy.

It should be remembered specifically that the commitment about increasing the G-8 aid to Africa by increasing Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) by $25 billion by 2010 is subsisting. Africa requires $18 billion worth of investment need to bridge its infrastructure deficit. This is vital for us: it is worth repeating to the new face of leadership in the United States.

All of these would require mobilisation of resources. What Africa has demonstrated is that it can grow. In the last decade, Africa has been growing at a regional average of 5.7 per cent per annum. This is higher than the growth rate in many other developing countries in the world, except countries like China and India. Africa’s growth has come on the basis of so many other reasons. But the most important reason is that many of the countries that have grown other than the ones that are richly endowed with mineral resources have grown because they have pursued judicious and sound macro-economic policies.

They have also built on the foundation of good governance and tidied their public finance and tried to be efficient and more effective in the way they apply resources and they have focused on the kind of reforms that enable the private sector to be the drivers of the growth process. It is something to build on. The other reason some of these countries have experienced growth is the effect of the multilateral debt reduction, a relief initiative, with that most of them have had some fiscal space that enabled financial flows that ordinarily would have been going into debt servicing: the money is now available for investment in the social sector and some of the infrastructure in institution building. That has formed the basis for sector reforms that have fuelled domestic activities of foreign direct investment activities that have made growth to be possible. So the G-8 is an important platform where the United States is a leading country. So the world is looking to that leadership for Africa. There has to be a strong voice, not for a re-commitment to the Gleneagles but a realisation of the Gleneagles commitment. That is very important to Africa at the moment.

By and large, my expectation therefore is for President Obama to provide bold leadership for the G-8 to lay out actual financial plans by each country for getting to the doubling of aid to Africa by 2010.


In terms of the expectation that one would have for the continent as regards the presidency of Senator Obama is that America would provide bold leadership for the kind of combination of development assistance, investment, trade and other technical and partnership support that Africa can take advantage of. The G-8 for instance, has a clear commitment that has been made toward doubling aid to Africa.

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50 Million Pound Bailout

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A Critique of the 21st Century Negro Mindset:
Subject: Dr. Ian Smith, spokesperson of the THE 50 MILLION POUND CHALLENGE, sponsored by State Farm

I was briefly listening to the Steve Harvey radio show here in Jacksonville this morning. Dr. Ian Smith, host of the THE 50 MILLION POUND CHALLENGE was today’s guest. "We need a new BRAND of Leadership" says Joe Biden the day before the election.I found the beginning of his interview very, very complex and quite disturbing. It exemplified that despite the election of the First “true” Black President; despite all of the sacrifice, hope, determination, and WORK Black America demonstrated to re-elect Obama…WE still have to make “Black History Month, Multicultural Month”! Black people suffer from an Identity Crisis. Yet, we have absolutely no problem, at being an EXPERT SALESMAN of Black lifestyle, consumer behavior, interest, habits, etc. Here is a prime example…

Dr. Ian started the conversation off with Steve Harvey with a tribute to Obama’s Victory on two days ago. He went on to say , and I paraphrase,

“Aw man I am truly peaceful. I have been peaceful since Tuesday night. And what I want to say is that my hope is that we don’t confuse this election and Obama’s victory as a victory for Black America, but a victory for ALL of America and even the globe”. Justifiably so he explained how people were chiming in to the election with vigor and happiness “not because Obama was a black president, but because of America’s willingness to Change.” This was the intro to his TRUE statement, of which Dr. Ian Smith candidly explained, “and this is how it all ties into the THE 50 MILLION POUND CHALLENGE.” Again, I am paraphrasing…”all over the country Black America is demonstrating a willingness for Change. To go to the polls require a great deal of sacrifice and commitment. Over 60% of the people who voted for Obama…”


da da

da da

Why would you mitigate the implication of the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT and its social, mental, and (hopefully) economic potential to bring relief to BLACK AMERICA, on one end; and then, turn around, with no conscious responsibility to Self whatsoever and leverage, or rather authenticate, your purpose by stating that the THE 50 MILLION POUND CHALLENGE is the BEST thing smoking for Black America.?  The Negro Mentality.

By no means am I implicating that the THE 50 MILLION POUND CHALLENGE is not beneficial and necessary for the well being of Black America. What I am examining is the WHO behind WHAT and the social, mental and economic effect it has on Black America.

Every conversation known to man starts out with a “position of identity”. As humans our purpose in life is justified in direct relation to WHO and HOW we identify ourselves. If you are connected to the universe, then you are a universal being. And that we all are. If you are Black in America, then you are a Black or African in American…and that BE Dr. Ian, Obama and I 🙂

My point is that WHO, Dr. Ian Smith, found it very easy to render meager the TRUE IDENTITY of Black

What is Steve Thinking?

What is Steve Thinking?

America within the social, mental, and economic context of Black America. I assume the subject matter is either too complex, or moreso, just not financially beneficial for him to discuss. But from the framework of redemption through health to build esteem, Dr. Ian shares on the website of

What We Can Do
The very good news is that we have the ability to reverse these unhealthy trends! For many of us it’s not just a matter of fitting into a smaller size, but a matter of life and death! THE CHALLENGE can do so much, not just for our physical health, but for our minds and spirit too. Below are just a few of the many things I hope we’ll accomplish together.

  • Shed those excess pounds, achieve healthier weights, and reduce our risk for life-threatening diseases.
  • Unite as a community and pool our strength and resources to overcome the health problems that afflict us.
  • Learn more about our bodies and what we can do to live healthier, longer lives.
  • Teach our youth the importance of making healthy lifestyle decisions that will benefit them for years to come.

Yours in The Challenge,
Ian K. Smith, M.D.

As we can see, Dr. Ian Smith and his sponsors at State Farm have no issues with campaigning on behalf of Black America to the ends of the earth “to reverse these unhealthy trends”. But do we have to market and promote and spend millions of dollars to “help” Black America at the expense of the greater good, the IDENTITY of Black America?  President Obama and his successful journey to the top is a mirror of the success of Black America as an independent nation within a nation. Not one time did he quote that 95% of Black America place the YES ballot for Barack Obama. Only 4% voted for McCain. This says something. But our media, our national “spokespersons” and our “leaders” would rather make excuses when they step to the podium of opportunity to hold their head downs and shuffle, “we jus tryin’ to loss weight, suh”…shuffle shuffle.

It’s sad, but its ayight. We have a lot of work to do. And now, that we have true leadership at the TOP, we can start raising the FREE MINDS OF BLACK AMERICA to represent when Inclusion and Diversity are matters of importance.

Self-preservation is the 1st Law of Nature.

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A Closer Look America’s Goverment-ran Economy

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The First National Nonprofit Bank

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America does not have much time to revive the economy out of a critical recession that threatens the global economy as well. Much of her efforts will seek to control and manage America’s lending for the next five years or so until dollars are recycling again (hopefully not in the same fashion that got us in this mess).

Here is a fresh approach to how sustainable communities can redevelop infrastructure through “cooperative economics”.

Everyday, nonprofits go to the bank.  

They deposit grants and manage their investments portfolios. They repay loans, draw down on lines of credit and make payroll. What they do not do however is recognize the social, political and economic power they could wield if their assets we aligned. 

Nonprofits in America have $3 trillion is combined assets. In 2007, they received close to $300 billion in donations. And with almost 14 million employees in the sector, our bi-weekly payrolls could equal, if not surpass, the GNP of countless small nations.

Non-profit banking >

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America’s new economy and how it affects Black America

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As I prepare to see perhaps Obama’s final speech in Jacksonville, Florida, just before he wins the November 4th election against Senator McCain, I cannot help but think of how this phenomenon will play itseld out in the next few years. Obama has the greatest task in the world. To rebound an economy that was doomed from the beginning as a few greedy, rich white men feast on the black, brown, red and yellow poor. The first phase was the Black Economy (that never was) during Slavery, then we witnessed the Black Economy of the Prison Industrial Complex, and now finally…the Black Economy of the 21st century’s 2nd Recession. It is no coincidence that America has to take a socialist approach to turn around the global economic crisis. The unthinkable has arrived as the US Government sits poised to usher in a new black President that will be th voice of lending to underserved markets in blighted urban dwellings in hopes of renewing a torn down economy that is predicted to reach more than 12 trillion dollars by 2012…the Black Economy.

Do you have a problem with the government as the leading lending institution in the country? I am sure residents of urban America will have a problem too when they find out their hard earn tax, mortgage and pension funds now sit remotely in oversees banks and private funds benefiting people that do not look or sound like they do, also? Can American right another harsh wrong?

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Obama’s Final Speech before November 4th Election

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November 3, 2008 – The Day Before the Election. Barack Obama takes the stage in Jacksonville after less than 45 days from his previous visit. His unprecedented speech raised the bar to the roar of a hype crowd of tens of thousands as he reinforced a new America…

“We can prove we are more than a country of red states and blue states, we are the United States of America…we need a better government, a smarter government, a more confident government. A government that fights for you!”

Just minutes before Joe Biden made his presence felt in Missouri. He stated to the applause of thousands “We need a New Brand of American leadership”.

Obama’s presence in Jacksonville marks a historical moment dating back to 2000 (Bushy Tails). Before Barack many Jacksonville residents , particularly African Americans, had a sour taste in their mouths towards politics. But with a refreshing, new Vision and Brand Recognition, their just may be hope for America and the “Joshua Generation”.

In his words (recorded from today’s speech)…

“McCain hasn’t been a Maverick, he has been a sidekick to George Bush”…

“McCain called for less regulations 21 times this year alone, and he still can’t tell you what he will do different from Bush…He spent most of his time during the election to talk about me. He’s out of touch!”

“…we need leadership that will focus on what we have in common, no our differences.”

“We are in the middle of the largest crisis since the Great Depression…760,000 workers were jobless this year (2008)”

“We have a chance to rebuke that kind of politics”

“I promise to reduce taxes for everyone that makes an annual income of less that 250k…and to END those tax breaks to companies that give away jobs oversees. I will provide tax breaks to the companies that hire right here in the U.S. of America.”

Health Care: “You shouldn’t have to choose between government ran health care and the one you have…we are going to reduce your current premium”

Education: “Early Childhood Education”

War: “I will End this War!”

Veterans: “My promise to the young people, if you work in a homeless shelter or assist any of our government agencies like the Veterans…I guarantee to reduce your school tuition so you can further your education”

“I am gonna help PAY for this.”

(written and edited by Jermyn Shannon)

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Black Business honored by Small Business Center in Jacksonville

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The Small Business Center has served hundreds of entrepreneurs in Northeast Florida since it was established in 1993. Today we recognize 15 entrepreneurs and small business owners who found the training and resources they needed to reach their business goals. While each story is unique, their outcomes are not – each has reached their own measure of success.

“…is a critical step to true entrepreneurship. The wealth of contacts and guidance they offer are invaluable. My ability to mentor by sharing leadership and expert advice to new business owners through the SBC has been most awarding.”

* Jermyn Shannon El, Blacksonville Community Network

View PDF – Small Business Honorarium – sponsored by Blacksonville.com

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By Golly Batobama It’s Joker McCain!

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Election 2008 - Obama Victory Coverage

Election 2008 - Obama Victory Coverage

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Youth entrepreneurship is critical to economic growth

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The future lies in the hands of the NEXT generation. Whether we call them ‘X’ or ‘Y” their chromosomes must become an integral part of the core mission to rebuild our economy. Much of the reason America is in an economic state of turmoil is due to a lack of Inclusion and Innovativeness. She has failed to engage the most important component of the democratic process, the future entrepreneurs, policy makers, and educators…the Youth. In commemoration of Global Entrepreneur Week, Blacksonville.com would like to engage you in a series of articles involving Youth Entrepreneurship to help you understand the magnitude of engaging our young people in the creative, social, and business process of America’s future.

The article below does an excellent job of summarizing why this is co critical…

by Carl Schramm

It is easy to belittle the notion of youth entrepreneurship.  To quite a few people, the notion itself still evokes images of lemonade stands which children set up in their neighbourhood – often at their parents’ prodding — to prove their commercial mettle and future potential.

In today’s networked society, however, young people may well represent the third major wave of new sources of entrepreneurship destined to have a major impact on the global economy.  The two major waves before them were women — and micro lending.

As improbable as it may seem to some that young people could become a major source of start-up businesses, it is useful to remember that the same doubts were sported about women entrepreneurs not so long ago.  And micro lending, too, was seen as little more than a passing fad promoted by some misty-eyed idealists stimulating entrepreneurial energies in “third-world” economies.

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that the specific outcomes of promoting youth entrepreneurship are, as with all entrepreneurial ventures, uncertain.  What is clear, though, is how pivotal it is to get the conversation about this topic started – both among young people themselves as well as at the policymaking level.

Once entrepreneurship enters into the realm of possibilities of career options on the minds of young people, it becomes a dynamic organizing principle for society at large.  This entails far more than changes in the school curriculum – as important as they are.

Read more >

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USAID Partners and World Bank to Promote Diaspora Entrepreneurship in Africa

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As the global economy continues to suffer at the burden of America investors and corporate bulldogs are scrambling for “emerging” land, inventory, human and material resources, as well as new minds. Africa, long recognized as the frontier of global civilization remains the cornerstone of  human development in the 21st Century. To no surprise, her fruit is still very ripe and her wounds heal quick. She is untainted by the man-made nectar of America.

African-Americans, Blacks, Moors, Nuwaubians, Africans in America (whatsoever we choose to call ourselves) sit at the crossroads of Freedom and American Dependency. Black folks have to be wise about which frontier will co-operate and serve our best interest to produce a viable, sustainable new Black Economy. For years we have suffered from the weight of the power structure. We have relied on social progress to measure the depth of our empty pockets.

Think about it…if the world is truly ready to let a Black man guide us, should not the Black man start through self-determination, by guiding himself?

Divided we shall fall, together we Stand.


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Savings & (mis)Trust: A Credit Crisis

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A breakdown of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis by XPLANE

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The Community Agenda for America’s Public Schools

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We must create effective schools which have robust relationships with families and other community institutions.

Strategies That Work

The capacity and energy of a wide range of partners belongs at The Community Agenda table.  Schools and their community partners must work together to support the core teaching, learning, and developmental purposes of education and to strengthen families and the community.

A growing number of schools and their communities are moving in this direction.  They are reclaiming their schools as centers of community. These places are called community schools by many, but by other names as well – community learning centers, full service community schools, schools as hubs, Beacon schools, and schools with community-based integrated student services.  These places have already begun the transformation we envision in their curriculum and instruction, scheduling, school layout, and especially relationships and responsibilities among school staff, students, families and community partners.  They rely on multiple inter-related strategies:

  • High expectations focused on high achievement encourage students to move forward.  Every adult in the community acts on the belief that all students can learn, succeed, and contribute to society.
  • A focus on real-world learning engages students.  Students apply their learning through service learning, civic and environmental education, and see the relevance of their coursework in their lives. Moreover, youth and the school itself help to solve problems in their own community.
  • Bridging school and community resources helps students broaden their skills and aspirations.  School and community resource are integrated to provide academic support, enrichment opportunities, mentoring relationships with caring adults, internship and job training opportunities, conflict resolution training and more.  These opportunities encourage students to discover their unique assets and talents (academic, artistic, athletic, musical, leadership, and scientific).
  • Integrated student services improve students’ chances for achievement.  Through a single point of contact in the school, community-based integrated services, that are responsive to individual needs, become available to those students requiring multiple, coordinated supports.
  • Building social and emotional competencies nurtures life skills.  Schools promote children’s social and emotional learning to equip them with the personal and interpersonal skills they need.
  • Addressing barriers to learning supports student success.  Schools address physical and mental health issues affecting individual students and their families, as well as the entire school community, before major problems emerge.
  • School facilities are welcoming and engaging.  Schools are open to students, families and community members – spanning the generations – for learning and recreation, before and after traditional school hours, into the evenings, on weekends and summers.  Families and residents participate in the life of the school and the school is a center for community dialogue and problem-solving.

Effective implementation of these strategies requires local capacity to build and bring together community leadership, manage school and community resources, and engage everyone in the work of improving the lives of young Americans.

Read more >

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A $700 million dollar question?

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Deadline to Claim Stimulus Check is October 15

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Earlier this year, congress issued stimulus checks to citizens in an effort to jump start the economy. There are millions of American that qualify for the checks, but have not filed the paperwork to get it. Many of these people are seniors on Social security that may need aid in understanding and filing the necessary forms. The IRS is urging people to assist anyone they think may not be aware of the deadline or if they are eligible. It is estimated that 32% of the people who receive Social Security benefits in Washington DC alone have not filed for their stimulus checks. those having questions about filling out the forms or qualifications can call the IRS hotline at 1-866-234-2942.

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Congresswoman Bachmann Asserts That ‘Minorities’ Caused Financial Crisis?»

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During a House hearing on Thursday, Rep. Michele Bachmann pinned blame for financial crisis on President Clinton, “blacks,” and “other minorities.” To make her point, she read from an article written by Terry Jones in the right-wing publication Investor’s Business Daily. Jones criticized the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and said Clinton was misguided for pushing “homeownership as a way to open the door for blacks and other minorities to enter the middle class.” Watch Bachmann’s speech, followed by sharp criticism from Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) here.

In a new letter to House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) obtained by ThinkProgress, 31 members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) call Bachmann’s claims “ridiculous” and ask Boehner whether her comments represent the views of the Republican Caucus:

It is clear from Rep. Bachmann’s comments that she believes that the bipartisan laws enacted over the past decade ensuring that minority communities have equal access to banking and other financial services are the cause of this financial situation. […]

There is no evidence to support Rep. Bachmann’s assertion that “minorities” caused the current financial crisis. Laws designed to open opportunities for equal access to credit do not require banks or thrifts to make loans that are unsafe or unprofitable. In fact, laws like the CRA mandate exactly the opposite. […] Additionally, research clearly shows that the majority of the predatory loans that have led us to this financial mess were originated by non-bank financial institutions and other entities that did NOT have a CRA obligation and lacked strong federal regulatory oversight. Shifting the blame for the current economic crisis to laws that allow equal access and opportunities to communities of color is ridiculous.

As members of the CBC, we simply ask if Rep. Bachmann’s position that it was lending to minority communities that caused the current financial crisis, represent the position of Republican Caucus?

The Center for American Progress’s Robert Gordon has more in the American Prospect on why this rightwing talking point is nothing more than a pernicious myth.


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Black World Economic Crisis

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The economic condition of African Americans is much worse today than in 2000. Family incomes, wages, and employment are down. Home ownership rates are rapidly declining. Poverty is up, and the number of black ex-off enders struggling to find work is constantly rising. Black America needs a national strategy for black full-employment. In other words, our national goal should be to have the black unemployment rate sustained below 5%. When the American economy experiences strong job growth and full-employment like we saw in the late 1990s, average Americans of all races benefit with higher rates of employment, higher wages, and lower poverty rates. But even in the peak year of 2000, when the total unemployment rate was at 4.0%, the black unemployment rate was at 7.6%. The total unemployment rate masks substantial racial disparities. In the late 1990s, with an unemployment rate considerably above black full-employment, we still saw wide-ranging economic improvements in black communities, a historic decline in the black poverty rate, and a reduction in violent crime in black communities. If we were to reduce the black unemployment rate to below 5%, there would be amazing progress for black America.

The authors of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) study conclude that “Black America needs a strategy for Black full employment.” Their reasoning is that, since Blacks are consistently left behind in the employment arena, the best way to ensure a generally healthy employment environment is to work towards bringing Black unemployment below five percent.

The EPI’s approach, although eminently sensible, would require government measures specifically targeted at joblessness in Black areas, rather than measuring the nation’s economic health on statistics that “mask” pervasive racial disparities in society. Unfortunately, the presidential candidate that overwhelming numbers of African Americans support, Barack Obama, opposes race-specific remedies for America’s economic problems, insisting that class-based measures will serve everybody. Of course, the numbers show that America doesn’t work that way.

The EPI study reveals that Black Americans face special obstacles, even in boom-times like the late 90s. Now the nation – and possibly the world – peers into the gathering darkness. With Blacks already facing loss of precious housing wealth hovering around $100 billion dollars, the prospect of mass unemployment is terrifying, indeed.

The 90s were not Heaven by any stretch of the imagination, but the future is shaping up to be Hell.

Read Full Report >

Subprime Markets Defined

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The life and times of Paul Robeson – 4 part series

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The life and times of Paul Robeson






Official Website

Other links of interest






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The Ridicule of America’s Economy

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Blacksonville to cover First Annual African-American Internet Summit in Chicago October 30th

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Target Market News to host African-American Internet Summit in October

(September 3, 2008) Plans for the First Annual African-American Internet Summit were announced today by Target Market News. The all-day conference — the first such gathering of its kind in the nation — will take place in Chicago, IL on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008 in downtown Chicago. The event is expected to attract 200 professionals from marketing, advertising, media and research.

The Summit will bring together leading consumer marketers, advertising agencies, and Internet-based companies in a long-overdue, comprehensive examination of how African-American consumers utilize the Web for information and entertainment.  The latest studies reveal that the so-call “digital divide” between black and white consumers has disappeared, and African-American households are among the most desirable segment sought by Corporate America.

“It is more important than ever to thoroughly understand the relationship between the Internet and black consumers,” said Ken Smikle, president of Target Market News. “As marketers continue to shift budget and marketing strategies toward digital platforms, the competition for this audience will grow as well. Being well-informed and well-positioned to reach this $800 billion-dollar market will make or break the bottom line.”

Blacksonville Global Enterprise

Blacksonville Global Enterprise

Among the topics to be addressed by panels of experts at the Summit are:

– Case Studies: Reaching and Selling Black Consumers Successfully Via the Net

– The Latest Research on African-American Internet Usage and Preferences

– The Pros and Cons of Advertising Networks

– How Black-Targeted Media Is Incorporating and Adapting to the Web

– The Most Popular Black Web Sites You Should Know About

– Measurement Metrics: Setting the Standards for Counting Black Web Traffic

– African-Americans and New Media: The Next Big Opportunity

– How the Web is Re-defining Advertiser-Media Relationships.

Information on the program details, registration and sponsorship opportunities can be found at www.targetmarketnews.com.  Participants must register in advance and the exact location of the African-American Internet Summit will be revealed shortly.

Target Market News is recognized as the nation’s leading news and information source on African-American marketing, media and consumer research. The 20-year-old Chicago-based company publishes a daily online news bulletin and “The Buying Power of Black America” report.  It also hosts the annual Marketing to African-American with Excellence (MAAX) Summit and the African-American Magazine Summit.

For more information, e-mail Target Market News at info@targetmarketnews.com, or call 312-408-1881.


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A Poem for Obama

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Click here for more on Obama in Jacksonville >

One on One Interview with Obama about Florida Growth Post Bush >

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Investment in Telecom Africa 2009 / Conference

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Africa is the 1st continent in the world where cellular telephony has outnumbered the fixed line network. There has been rapid telecom development in certain parts of Africa in the recent past. Even though there prevails, some amount of political & economic inconsistencies, the governments are carrying out significant reforms and programs to speed up the progress of their respective countries, which in turn fuels the telecom industry. Thus, such an emerging economy is slowly becoming the focus of investors. Investors see huge potential in this market.

On the above note, Fleming Gulf is proud to announce Investment in Telecom Africa, scheduled for 3rd & 4th February 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rudinov Vincent , Conference Producer at Fleming Gulf quotes: “This unique conference will rendezvous senior executives & decision makers representing the telecom fraternity, solution providers, Financial Institutions & Government Officials who will meet over two days to discuss one of the fastest growing sectors in Africa today”.

The conference will focus on attracting international investors to Africa, Building a world-class infrastructure, Mergers & Acquisitions, Regulations and licenses for new entrants, financing telecom operators, vendor financing, Rural Telecom business model & strategies to maximize profits in a low ARPU market.

World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick said, “Sovereign wealth funds hold an estimated $3 trillion in assets. If the World Bank Group can help create the platforms and benchmarks, the investment of even one percent of their assets would draw $30 billion to African growth, development, and opportunity.” There will be a special focus on Sovereign Wealth Funds as they seek to invest vast amounts of capital in the telecom sector.

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Push is on for African-centered psychology

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The Florida Times-Union
September 15, 2008

Push is on for African-centered psychology

The Times-Union

A national push is on to get psychologists certified in methods targeted toward African-American patients.

Two Jacksonville therapists are among the 21 professionals setting the standards for African-centered psychology, which focuses on spirituality and understanding of patients’ African roots.

Counselors Larry Richardson and Steward Washington sit on the panel. Washington is certified himself, and Richardson said he incorporates many of the principles into his practice.

Professionals can apply to be grandfathered into the certification through October, but a testing and selection process will begin next year.

The certification is geared for psychologists of all races, but the understanding is particularly important because only 2 percent of the nation’s mental health professionals are black, said James Savage, chairman of the certification process.

The remainder of story can be found on Jacksonville.com

matt.galnor@jacksonville.com, (904) 359-4550

© The Florida Times-Union

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Invest Africa 2008-2015

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I was fortunate to find a wonderful article concerning Merrill Lynch’s (recently bought out by Bank of America for $50 Billion) outlook on Investment Opportunities in Africa. It was very enlightening to see such a traditional private capital firm speak so highly of the Motherland. Especially considering their lack of growth in the area of diversity and inclusion in their national workforce (see below). Anywho, the article is definitely worth reading…one for the archives.

Invest Africa | merrillynchonafrica

Fewer than 300 (about 2 percent) of the firm’s 14,700 U.S. retail producers are African-American, 3.5 percent are Hispanic and 3 percent are Asian/Pacific Islanders. The numbers are contained in a Merrill report called “Diversity at Work: A U.S. Progress Report” (available at Merrill’s Web site www.ml.com). See chart for data on all employees.

Release of the data is part of a new openness in the securities industry, which had not historically addressed employment issues in public. A Securities Industry Association study released in March showed that 3.7 percent of all registered reps at responding firms are minorities and 12.2 percent are women (see August 1999 RR, Page 46).

Merrill did not offer any data on the number of women brokers at the firm.

Merrill’s diversity report adds that that career development symposiums are offered to give these employees guidance on “how to deal with the unique issues facing women and African-Americans in financial services.”

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Evan B. Forde Weekend in Jacksonville – August 15-16th

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Hi Jermyn:

Thank you for the remarkable work your organization provided to make Evan B. Forde Weekend a reality in Jacksonville. From the Mayor’s support to Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s endorsement below, it could not have been possible without you.

This message (below) was sent to all of the NOAA employees from the Deputy under the Secretary of Commerce, Dr. Rick Spinrad.

Congressional Awardee

“AOML scientist Evan Forde received a Congressional Commendation earlier this month from Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown for his many years of commitment and contributions to science education in the United States and recognized him as “one of our nation’s leading African-American scientists and explorers.  Evan received the commendation in Jacksonville, FL, where he is involved in activities designed to improve school curricula related to science education and heighten student nterest in oceanography, mathematics, and other earth sciences. Congratulations, Evan!”


Evan B. Forde and Jermyn Shannon El pose for the camera in Jacksonville, Florida

Evan B. Forde and Jermyn Shannon El pose for the camera in Jacksonville, Florida

[Jermyn] I want to encourage your continued involvement in the creation of quality learning experiences for the youth of our nation.  I am particularly grateful for your contributions, commitment and dedication to making the initial People of Color Science and Invention, Inc. outreach activity in Jacksonville a success.  The seed of interest in science education and scientific endeavors could not have been successfully planted without you! I am blessed to have something to offer the young folks by generating interest in science and even more blessed to have met and worked with you!

Evan B. Forde
Research Oceanographer
NOAA/AOML/Office of the Director
4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, Fl 33149
WEB PAGE: http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/forde/

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Blacksonville seeks national partners for new urban development initiative

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In the next year to two years we envision the creation of major community assets that will benefit the entire First Coast community. The concept of the Intercultural Advance Learning Center & Cyber Cafe is one of many assets that will provide youth programs that serve as critical instruments for high levels of socialization and achievement, with alternative curriculum in an advance career-oriented environment. We will offer year round trainng, public forums, course work, lectures and training that include Digital Media, Urban Debate, Life Skills, Professional Development, and New Media/Entrepreneurial workshops. We also seek to engage community health professionals in the instruction of Nutritional Childcare and Healthy Advocacy/Natural Foods.

The Vision expands into the development of a “New Media Incubator” to help non-profits and sister  businesses, respectively, to train AND hire graduate participants of our “Rights of Passage Initiative”; these new leaders will enter the next phase of entrepreneurship and small business enterprise right within the heart of the local community. A strong inter-connected support system will lay a foundation for the community hub with spiritual, health and financial literacy.

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